massage therapy

Dedicated to treating both the underlying causes as well as the symptoms of your pain and dysfunction, your massage therapy appointment is customized to include an assessment, a treatment plan, and patient education.

Back Massage
Rehabilitative Massage

Focusing on the manipulation of muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia massage therapy can increase healing and enhance function. Utilizing deep tissue techniques, myofascial release, and trigger point release to increase circulation, range of motion, strength, flexibility, and relaxation while decreasing pain and muscular tension. 

Holding Tummy
Pregnancy Massage

During pregnancy, your body will go through significant transformations, massage therapy is a natural way to support these changes as well as help prepare for labour and the post-partum period.


Common conditions that respond well with treatment are headaches, swelling, general fatigue, low back pain, sacroiliac pain, groin pain, hip pain, and general achiness.

Physical therapy on leg
Sports Massage

Targeted therapeutic treatment for the unique physical and biomechanical needs for you as an athlete. Whatever your sport, massage will help improve flexibility, reduce pain & swelling, increase range of motion, reduce risk of injury, just to name a few benefits. 

Post Operative Care

Surgery is a traumatic event and disruptive to all systems within the body. Massage therapy can aid in the recovery process by reducing inflammation, increasing circulation, improving the degree of post surgical fibrosis (scar tissue management), and improving range of motion,


By incorporating massage therapy, you may improve your post operative rehabilitation and increase functionality.