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Chelsea Brisco


As a Registered Massage Therapist since 2015, Chelsea’s approach is attentive and sensitive to each client's particular needs. With a trauma-informed and evidence-based practice, she has developed a special interest in the meeting place of persistent pain conditions, trauma, mental health and physical wellbeing in addition to perinatal and child/infant massage. Emphasis is placed on the creation of a safe space that is inclusive and welcoming. Chelsea believes that safe healing touch has a powerful role

to play in our lives and she is continually thrilled and awed with the ability of the human body to adapt, to strengthen, and to heal.

Chelsea has found that treatment need not be painful to be effective and longer lasting results often come when promoting and enhancing the body’s natural healing inclination. This is often achieved through a subtle approach with the goal of decreased pain and stress and an improvement in overall wellbeing.

Treatments are customized to the individual. Clients’ needs are addressed through a variety of techniques intended to achieve long-term health – whether that means relief from pain, rehabilitation after an injury or surgery, or assisting lifestyle and exercise goals. You will also be provided with a relevant homecare routine in the form of strengthening, stretching and/or habitual changes to facilitate your road to health.

Chelsea encourages her clients to play an active role in this process, and will regularly refer to other modalities to be used in concert with massage therapy, believing that the most effective therapy is a team effort.


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