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Abbey Timms, RAc

Hi, I’m Abbey!

I graduated from Pacific Rim College with a Diploma of Acupuncture with Honours. I  recently relocated to the Comox Valley from Victoria. I have a passion for holistic medicine and I am  thrilled to be offering acupuncture to the Comox Valley. 

As a young athlete, I had several injuries. It wasn’t until I began seeing an acupuncturist and TCM  practitioner that I got the results I was looking for. Not only was my pain improved, my sleep, emotional  state and digestion benefited as well. Ever since, I have been enthusiastic about sharing the incredible  benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

I have a passion for working with women to optimize health. My goal as an acupuncturist is to treat each  patient individually, with personalized treatment plans, acupuncture and lifestyle advice to further  support treatment. I strive to create a calm, relaxing environment for my patients to feel safe and heard.  My gentle, attentive approach offers relaxation and graceful healing.  

In my spare time, I enjoy gardening, arts and crafts, hiking, stand up paddle boarding and exploring the  Valley!  

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