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Arbutus Massage Therapy

Restart Plan

The purpose of this plan is to identify the actions Arbutus Massage Therapy  (herein referred to as AMT) and the RMTs that work within the clinic will take to reduce the physical, non-treatment-related interactions amongst those in the practice environment, and measurements taken to safely provide massage therapy with minimal risk of viral transmission.




All patients will be informed about the new procedures AMT has implemented BEFORE or AT THE TIME of booking an appointment. Clear explanation of the new procedures and protocols will be emailed to every client prior to the re-opening of AMT as well as posted upon AMT’s website, online booking system, and the clinic voicemail message.  


Patients will be advised that the completion of the BC COVID-19 Symptoms Self-Assessment and COVID-19 informed consent is required prior to treatment. This will ensure the patients of AMT understand that while we have taken measures to minimize risk of viral transmission, the nature of massage therapy means that physical distancing is not possible in the treatment room. 



Within the clinic, RMT’s and patients will adhere to the physical distancing protocols, maintaining 2 metres / 6 feet of distance in all clinic areas other than the treatment room, as best as possible. The BC Centre for Disease Control, Physical Distancing poster has been posted in the reception area and both treatment rooms. 

All magazines, water carafe, cups, fabric furnishings and decorations that cannot be sanitized after touch have been removed from the clinic. No chairs remain in the front area and all documentation (informed consent and self-assessment tool) will be performed within the treatment room.

Traffic through the clinic will be reduced by staggered appointment start and end times and requesting the clients of AMT remain outside until they are waved in to the clinic by their RMT. Patients will be greeted by their RMT with an open door and will be directed to the hand sanitizer and/or the washroom to wash hands for a minimum of 20 seconds with soap and water.

At end of the treatment, the RMT will accompany the patient to the exit and open the door for them (using a hand towel or other sanitized barrier).

Access to the shared laundry room will be limited to one RMT at a time. With staggered appointment start/end times, this should be quite manageable. The storage of personal belongings, patient charting, eating of meals is suggested to take place in the RMT’s treatment room.

The computer at the front desk will be removed. It is suggested that each RMT bring and use their own laptop/tablet for charting, invoicing & rescheduling patients.




Upon entry to the clinic, patients will wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, followed by thorough drying with single use hand towels. Hand washing will be repeated after treatment before departure from the clinic, and before touching door/s. The BC Centre for Disease Control Hand Hygiene poster has been posted in the reception area, the bathroom and both treatment rooms for reference. 

AMT has also provided hand sanitizer for the patient’s use on arrival and prior to departure.

All intake forms and consent forms will be a reusable/wipeable laminated sheet. The pen used by the client to fill out these forms will be sanitized before use, in front of client AND after use, in front of the client.

A wireless point of sale system (tap) is available for clients occurs in the reception area and will be sanitized before use, in front of client AND after use, in front of the client. AMT will also inform patients within the initial email prior to opening that if they wish, the client may input their credit card information into the online booking system for seamless, touchless payment after their treatment. E-transfer payment can also be arranged with the patient’s RMT. 

Receipts will be emailed to patient and cash/cheque will not be accepted at this time.



Both the RMT and the patient will have washed their hands before and after treatment. Due to the fact the sink is outside the treatment room, after washing their hands and entering the treatment room, the RMT will also use hand sanitizer and confirm verbally that hands were washed before and after treatment. Hand sanitizer is available for the use of the RMT and the patient in the treatment room. 

The RMT will open/close the treatment room door before, during, and after treatment as required, using hand towel/sanitized barrier as needed. 


RMT’s will wash hands before and after handling all linens. When folding freshly laundered linens or masks, the RMT will ensure proper hand hygiene is used.



Information about the importance of “no face touching” will be shared with all patients upon their arrival to the clinic. Areas where tissue can be found, should they feel the need to itch, will be available in all areas of the clinic and pointed out to the patient. The coronavirus can be spread by touch if a person has used their hand/s to cover a cough or a sneeze.

In order to aid in the decrease in face touching, masks will be available to all patients and RMTs.

RMT’s will use hand towels or tissue to touch/scratch their faces or to sneeze in to when not wearing a mask.



The Cleaning and Disinfectants for Clinic Settings poster has been posted in the reception area, washroom and all treatment rooms for reference. In between patients, RMTs will clean and disinfect all high-touch surfaces regardless of the appearance of these areas, including: 

  • Door knobs

  • Chairs

  • Vinyl massage table & facepiece

  • Stools 

  • Reception countertop

  • POS machine

  • Toilet lever

  • Sink faucet

  • Light switches

Frequently (at least three times per day, more if possible) the RMTs will clean and disinfect:

  • Cabinets, handle, fridge, microwave

  • Phones and electronic device

  • Desk and table surfaces

  • Water cooler 

  • Lotion, hand sanitizer and soap dispensers (all automatic touch-free)


Although we have asked our patients to wait outside while we are cleaning and disinfecting the clinic, whenever possible the RMTs will clean in view of the patient (ie. Pens used on forms, POS machine before/after use)

Prior to treatment, the RMT will clean the face cradle (one more time) in front of the patient, to maintain trust.

ALL linens and blankets will be single use only, laundered in hot soapy water. Thermophores and table warmers have been removed from the treatment rooms and will no longer be in use.

In order to complete the additional cleaning and disinfecting, an additional 15 minutes will be allotted in between client appointments; totally 30 minutes in between client treatments.




AMT has provided cloth masks for the patient’s use, if requested. They are to be laundered after each use. AMT will ensure it is evident that the mask is clean and has not been worn by others by folding and placing in a plastic bin marked “CLEAN MASKS”.

The patient’s individual personal boundaries will be respected at all times and any requests for PPE to be worn by the patient or the RMT will be supported. Gloves are readily available in the clinic and each RMT will supply their own protective goggles should they wish to.

When donning and doffing the mask it is important to wash hands with soap and water prior to putting on a mask, prior to taking off the mask and after disposing of the mask in the laundry. To properly remove the mask, hook your fingers in the elastic behind your ears and pull the mask off. NEVER touch the front of the mask. The proper protocol for donning and doffing a mask will be provided to the patient verbally when a patient requests the use of a mask.



All RMT’s at AMT have been advised to contact their professional liability insurer to determine whether or not they are covered for claims related to COVID-19.

All RMTs will obtain new informed consent from every patient prior to treatment to comply with the Consent Standard of Practice as the context of care has changed.